Friday, March 25, 2011


I know this seems obvious, but it's deliciously obvious so I'm doing it anyway. Chili. More specifically the Crossroads Weight Watchers vegetarian chili that they only serve on Fridays-worth the wait and it keeps your Catholic Lenten guilt at bay. It's so good. Better than good, but I don't feel like getting out my thesaurus so that's all the description you're getting. Go buy it for yourself and experience the magic. Taste the proverbial chili rainbow. Now where does hot sauce come into this? Well unlike the pasta salad, hot sauce plays more of an enhancing role in this aliment. Also, cheddar cheese. And lots of it. The combination of the two makes for more of a cheesy, hot sauce soup than a chili; which is just delightful. One drawback: the chickpeas. I like hummus as much as anyone else (also great with hot sauce, if you were unaware) but in their whole form, chickpeas kill my soul. They never get soft enough for a soup and so they add an unnecessary and undesirable crunch to an otherwise extraordinary meal. Get 'em out. They're the annoying freshman who shows up to your party obliterated and procedes to pee on your floor. Chuck it.

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